People and Collaborations

Prof. D. G. Hadjimitsis is the coordinator of the ERATOSTHENIS Laboratory.


Principal researchers working for the section of Archaeology and Cultural Heritage are Dr. Athos Agapiou, Dr. Vassiliki Lysandrou, Dr. Kyriacos Themistocleous, Dr. Branka Cuca, Dr. Kyriacos Neocleous, Dr. Rodanthi-Elisavet Mamouri and Argyro Nisantzi in close collaboration with other members of the lab are involved when necessary (geologists, civil engineers, chemical engineers etc.)

External collaborations with individual researches and professionists are achieved when necessary.


Among the main collaborations with institutions in Cyprus are the following:

  • Department of Antiquities of Cyprus
  • Archaeological Research Unit of the University of Cyprus
  • Committee of Missing Persons in Cyprus
  • Church of Cyprus
  • Municipalities and other local authorities and community councils

Professor Diofantos Hadjimitsis

Chair of the Department of Civil Engineering & Geomatics

Head of the Remote Sensing and Geo-Environment Research Lab

Cyprus University of Technology

2-8 Saripolou, Achilleos I Building, 1st Floor, 3036 Lemesos

P.O.Box: 50329, 3603 Lemesos, Cyprus

Tel. +357 25 002548 (direct line) or 25002542 (through secretary)
Fax. +357 25 002661
email: d.hadjimitsis_[at] , diofantosh_[at]

Skype: d.hadjimitsis

Twitter: @diofantosh

Visit research group web site:

Research Interest

  • Prototype atmospheric correction algorithms for satellite data
  • Satellite Remote Sensing, Space Techniques, Geo-Informatics
  • GIS, UAV, GPR, Field Spectroscopy
  • Environmental Monitoring & Management / Defense & Security
  • Real Estate, Construction Innovation, Project Management, Infrastructures
Dr. Athos Agapiou

Head of the Archaeology and Cultural Heritage Section

email: athos.agapiou_[at]

Research Interests

  • Satellite and Aerial Remote Sensing and environmental applications
  • Remote Sensing in Archaeology
  • Natural and Anthropogenic hazards
  • Geometric Documentation of CH and sites
  • GIS, Ground Field Spectroscopy and Spectral Libraries

Dr. Vasiliki Lysandrou


Research Interests

  • Archaeology / Cultural Heritage (CH)
  • Funerary architecture and sepulchral landscape
  • Remote Sensing techniques for Archaeology and CH monuments
  • Geographical Information Systems applications for Archaeology and CH
  • Restoration and preservation of monuments and sites

Dr. Kyriakos Themistocleous


Research Interests

  • Satellite Remote Sensing, Field spectroscopy, GIS processing,
  • Geo-Informatics, data management and analysis
  • Environmental Monitoring, atmospheric correction, Natural hazards assessment, Defense & Security and environmental applications
  • Remote sensing surveying technologies using UAV, GPR, spectroscopy, multispectral, thermal and laser scanning
  • Life cycle cost assessment, energy effiency in buildings and real estate
  • Architecture, urban design, cultural heritage and Sustainable Development

Dr. Branka Cuca


Research Interests

  • Documentation and valorization of built heritage, landscapes and archaeo-landscapes
  • Innovative surveying technologies, close-range photogrammetry and laser scanning
  • Energy effiency in existing buildings and refurbishment methods
  • 3D/4D data modeling and scenario simulation of built environment
  • Geo-information management and spatial data infrastructures (SDI) of built environment and landscapes

Dr. Kyriacos Neocleous

[email protected]

Research Interests

  • Renovation techniques and materials
  • Life-cycle assessment
  • Probabilistic structural assessment

Dr. Rodanthi Mamouri

[email protected]

Research Interests

  • Atmospheric remote sensing
  • Aerosols profiling
  • Aerosols optical and physical parameters
  • Aerosol/cloud interaction
  • Atmospheric physics
  • Climate changes
  • Satellite’s validation

Argyro Nisantzi

[email protected]

Research Interests

  • Remote sensing
  • Atmospheric lidar
  • Aerosol optical properties
  • Atmospheric physics
  • Meteorology
  • Climate change