Chair’s Greeting

Diofantos_HadjimitsisOur Group has participated in several research projects funded from various sources such as European Commission, Cyprus Research Promotion Foundation and industry partners. In the past eight years, our group has achieved a highly reputable level of research activity with more than 60 research grants, in the capacity of coordinators and partners from local and European grants.

Our aim is to conduct integrated, cooperative and high caliber research that leads to innovation in Remote Sensing and Geo-information. The laboratory provides a dynamic, multi-disciplinary, stimulating and challenging environment for teaching and research of the highest international standard and excelling as a research center.

Professor Diofantos G. Hadjimitsis
Chair of the Remote Sensing & Geo-Environment Lab Chair of the Department of Civil Engineering & Geomatics
email: [email protected], diofantosh_[at]