Coastal Water quality using earth observation in Cyprus


The main objective of this project is the monitoring of coastal waters with emphasis on areas where desalination plants, ports and other point sources of pollution using Remote Sensing Techniques (Satellite Remote Sensing). Furthermore a sampling station network will be designed for the areas where water samples will collected in order to correlate some of the water quality parameters mentioned below with corresponding reflectance values acquired both by satellite and ground-based means. In situ physicochemical measurements of water quality parameters (water temperature, turbidity, dissolved oxygen, pH, salinity, electrical conductivity) and laboratory analysis of qualitative parameters – nutrients (total phosphorus, dissolved reactive phosphorus, total nitrogen, nitrate and nitrite, ammonia, chlorophyll-a, BOD, COD) will be carried out as defined by the Directive 2000/60/EC. The combination of field campaign measurements provides accurate measurement of the required parameters. The correlation of satellite observations and ground-truth measurements will focus only on the parameters of temperature, turbidity, suspended particulate matter and chlorophyll-a.

It is therefore imperative to design and implement a new integrated system of synoptic coverage and continuous monitoring of coastal waters to detect at any time any pollution event achieving in the immediate and sustainable management of water resources in Cyprus. Final goal is to cover both the current water needs, ours and the environment, and to ensure the existence of adequate “good status” water quantities for future generations.


  • CYPRUS UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY (Coordinator: D.G.Hadjimitsis)
  • NTUA