Development Of A Low Altitude Airborne Remote Sensing System For The Processing Of Satellite Data For Archaeological Investigations


The scope of this research project is the development and implementation of a low-altitude remote sensing system for its exploitation to archaeological applications. In addition the system can be used in other remote sensing applications. The ICAROS program has enabled the development of an autonomous remote sensing system which can now be used in many remote sensing applications.

Earth observation techniques intended for archaeological research, such as satellite images and ground geophysical surveys are well established in the literature. In contrast, low altitude airborne systems for supporting archaeological research are still very limited. The ICAROS project, , aims to develop an airborne system for archaeological investigations. The system will incorporate both a GER 1500 field spectroradiometer and NIR camera in a balloon system operated from the ground. The GER 1500 field spectroradiometer has the capability to record reflectance values from 400 nm up to 1050 nm (blue/green/red and NIR band). The Field of View (FOV) of the instrument is 4o while a calibrated spectralon panel will be used in order to minimize illumination errors during the data collection. Existing atmospheric conditions will be monitored using sun-photometer and meteorological station.


  • CYPRUS UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY (Coordinator: D.G.Hadjimitsis)