Monday, 7 April, 2014, 14:00 to 18:30.

LiDAR Processing Workshop by Dr. Martin Isenburg

The workshop will be presented by Dr. Martin Isenburg, who is an expert in LiDAR processing tools. The workshop will focus on the most popular software, the LAStools, which is heavily used in the commercial sector, government agencies, research labs, and educational institutions. The software is a collection of highly efficient, batch-scriptable, multicore command line tools, which are used to classify, tile, convert, filter, raster, triangulate, contour, clip, and polygonize LiDAR data. LAStools are the fastest and most memory efficient solution for batch-scripted multi-core LiDAR processing and turn billions of LiDAR points into useful products at blazing speeds and with low memory requirements.  LAStools is free for educational and personal use, and also has a large open source component.

The LiDAR procssing workshop would include the following topics:

  • Introduction to using LAStools via the four possible interfaces (native GUI, QGIS toolbox, ArcGIS toolbox and the command line)
  • LiDAR quality checking
  • LiDAR preparation
  • LiDAR preparation 2 and derivative (raster & contour) creation
  • LAStools integration as a toolbox into QGIS (1.8 and up) or ArcGIS (9,3 and up)

Tuesday,  8 April, 2014, 14:00 to 18:00.

ERDAS solutions workshop by Geo-Systems Hellas

The workshop will highlight the new features in ERDAS IMAGINE 2014 and LPS 2014.



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