Remote Sensing & Geo-Environment Research Lab
Remote Sensing & Geo-Environment Research Lab

Department of Civil Engineering and Geomatics
of the Cyprus University of Technology
The Lab is member of the Eratosthenis Research

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ESA<br/>Technical Visit
Technical Visit

ESA Technical visit at the
Remote Sensing Lab May 2011

Remote Sensing &<br />Geo-Environment Research Lab
Remote Sensing &
Geo-Environment Research Lab

Eratosthenis Research Centre

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MEDNET project EU
MEDNET project EU

MEDNET is a European project,
co-financed by the MED Programme,
aimed at simplifying and harmonizing
maritime and port procedures within
the Mediterranean region.

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RSCy 2018
RSCy 2018

Sixth International Conference on Remote
Sensing and Geoinformation of Environment
26-29 March, 2018 – Cyprus

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Research Grants

The Group has received funding for over 60 Competitive Research Programs and funded projects since 2007 with funding Sources from: European Union, Cyprus Research Promotion Foundation and industry. Selected funded projects A detail list of the funded project can be found here.

The research areas include among other: atmospheric correction algorithms for satellite remote sensing, remote sensing & geo-information of environment (atmospheric sciences, water resources management, cultural heritage and archeology, natural hazards, agriculture), civil engineering, sustainable construction etc.

 Project TitleRoleStart YearSource of Funding
2GEO-CRADLE - Coordinating and integRating state-of-the-art Earth Observation Activities in the regions of North Africa, Middle East, and Balkans and Developing Links with GEO related initiatives towards GEOSSPartner2016H2020-SC5-18b-2015
3ATHENA Establish a Center of Excellence in the field of Remote Sensing for Culrural HeritageProject Coordinator2015H2020-TWINN-2015-CSA
4CLIMA - Cultural Landscape risk Identification, Management and AssessmentLocal Leader2015HERITAGE PLUS-RPF
5PROTHEGO - PROTection of European Cultural HEritage from GeO – hazardsLocal Leader2015HERITAGE PLUS-RPF
6RISEProject Coordinator2015H2020-MSC Actions
7ACTRIS-2 - An European Research Infrastructure for the observation of Aerosol, Clouds, and Trace gasesAssociate Partner2015H2020
8Infusing entrepreneurial skills in the corporate ICT environment - INTRAPRISELeader2014ERASMUS+
9GIS analysis of Agios Sozomenos archaeological site PartnerPartner 2014Department of Atniquities (CY)
10Documentation of the ancient Tombs in Sotera villagePartner 2014Department of Atniquities (CY)
11Development of a GIS Pilot System for the waterpipe network of the Sewerage Board of NicosiaPartner 2014Sewerage Board of Nicosia (CY)
12Impact of Biogenic versus Anthropogenic emissions on Clouds and Climate: towards a Holistic UnderStandingPartner 2013FP7
13Research for combined use of GIS systems and IT in fild of electronic communicationsLeader2014Office of the Commissioner of Telecommunications and Postal Regulation (CY)
14Archaeo-FORMOSAΤ: Investigating the potential of FORMOSAT 2: imagery in archaeological researchPartner 2014ESA projects
15Image Processing of Digital InSar satellite images for monitoring deformation in the area of PaphosPartner 2014Department of Geological Survey (CY)
16Innovative Reuse of All Tyre Components in ConcretePartner 2013FP7
17Development of a marιne spatial planningPartner 2013Interreg 2007-2013
18ArchaeoLandscapes Europe - ArcLandAssociate Partner2011Culture 2007-2013
19Dragon 3 Cooperation Project: Monitoring water quality features and prediction of potential fihing grounds by using multi-source and multiscale remote sensing imageriesAssociate Partner2012ESA projects
20ACTRISAssociate Partner2011FP7
21Integrated use of space, geophysical, and hyperspectral technologies intended for monitoring water leakages in water supply networks in CyprusProject Coordinator2012Cyprus Research Promotion Foundation
22Upgrade of the hydraulics laboratory for the modeling of water supply networks & design and operation optimization studyProject Coordinator2012Cyprus Research Promotion Foundation
23Catastrophic shifts in drylands: how can we prevent ecosystem degradation?Partner 2012FP7
24Research Infrastructure for the Study of Corrosion in Concrete Steel Reinforcement and Improvement of the Structural Integrity of Cyprus BuildingsProject Coordinator2012Cyprus Research Promotion Foundation
25Managing Cultural Heritage Sites through Space and ground Technologies using Geographical Information Systems: A Pilot application at the archaeological sites of PaphosProject Coordinator2012Cyprus Research Promotion Foundation
26Development of a low altitude airborne remote sensing system for the processing of satellite data for archaeological investigationsProject Coordinator2012Cyprus Research Promotion Foundation
27Integrated use of remote sensing and lidar techniques for the study of air pollution and the optical properties of the atmosphere in CyprusProject Coordinator2012Cyprus Research Promotion Foundation
28Mediterranean Network for Custom Procedures and Simplifiation of Clearance in PortsPartner 2012MED PROGRAMME
29Air Pollution Monitoring from space in CyprusProject Coordinator2010Cyprus Research Promotion Foundation
30An integrated use of satellite remote sensing and hydraulic modeling for flod risk assessment at catchment scale in CyprusProject Coordinator2010Cyprus Research Promotion Foundation
31Web and 3G mobile phone based air quality management: particulates, public health, cobenefisProject Coordinator2011EUREKA
32Coastal Water quality using earth observation in CyprusProject Coordinator2011Cyprus Research Promotion Foundation
33Air pollution using earth observationPartner2011LIFE+
34Value Driven Procurement in Building and Real EstatePartner2010ERACOBUILD
35Development of an automated system for monitoring red-scale population using image analysis, wireless networks and GIS technologiesPartner2010Cyprus Research Promotion Foundation
36Study of the urban heat island effect in CyprusPartner2008Cyprus Research Promotion Foundation
37Estimation of Evapοtraspiration in irrigated crops using satellite remote sensing and wireless sensorsProject Coordinator2009Cyprus Research Promotion Foundation
38Development of an experimental System for Mapping of Lobesia Botrana Population in Cyprus using automated traps and wireless communication and Positioning SystemsPartner2008Cyprus Research Promotion Foundation
39Integration of satellite remote sensing, GIS, modelling and wireless-sensor network for monitoring and determining irrigation demand in CyprusProject Coordinator2008CUT-Research Committee
40Monitoring air pollution in Cyprus using satellite remote sensing and GIS and micro-sensor technologyProject Coordinator2008CUT-Research Committee
41Economical and sustainable pavement infrastructure for surface transportPartner2008FP6 / EC