Monitoring Air Pollution In Cyprus Using Satellite Remote Sensing And Gis And Micro-Sensor Technology


This research project aims to support the efforts of local authorities and relevant state agencies to create a comprehensive system for the management, monitoring and measurement of air pollution in Cyprus with the combined use of satellite remote sensing and ground sensors. The main objective is to apply the methods available for determining the atmospheric effects on satellite images and to study their effectiveness for the calculation of air pollution by using satellite remote sensing techniques. The use of satellite images is an essential tool for easy and rapid identification of air pollution. The satellite images used for this application in this study were obtained from the Landsat-5 TM and Landsat-7 ETM + with a resolution of 30x30m, the MODIS Terra with a resolution 1x1km and ASTER with a resolution of 30x30m. These sensors cover a very large percentage of the area of Cyprus.


  • CYPRUS UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY (Coordinator: D.G.Hadjimitsis)